Absent in the Present.

Do whatever the fuck makes you happy because I promise these fuckers aren't rooting for you in the end.


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Bruh I was so fucked up last night.

When my mom says “you can’t handle two jobs; you’re tired.” No shit; the reason I can handle two jobs is why I’m tired. Ugh.


even if you feel sad and self conscious train your resting face to be a smile so that other ppl who are sad and self conscious get smiled at more often, it will genuinely improve all of our qualities of life

The struggles of killing a spider.

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Trust the vibes you get, energy doesn’t lie.

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It’s not my fault that drugs are better than people.

"One more bong hit and then I’ll get started"


Story of my fucking life

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Bobby Shmurda new song hard as hell

This shit go

nigga at 46 seconds cant eem handle the beat 

This video is everything

Is this not punk?


Shmurda been upping the punx

This video really is the GOAT

Need this in my life.

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Mary J be that ladayyyyy. 😘

Why my boys always come through with that pacc? Ayeeeee.

Just found an addy in my old book bag. 💁 lol thanks dude.

It’s getting cold; which means another round of changing my room around so I can turn the base board heater on! Today Romeo pointed out to me that we’ve had Enana for three years now and when we got her Pet Sense told us she would live for only a year and a half. This winter, rather than keeping her in Romeo’s room like usual we will be moving her to mine! The fight to keep her healthy, happy and alive is so delicate to me.

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